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Salty | Tomato-y | Traces of Garlic & Ginger

Tough cuts of meat could use a little TLC from our time-tested, trustworthy Marinade. Pork and poultry, heck, even potatoes will soak it in and soften right up. That’s meal-prep perfection.

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5 OUT OF 5


For my first attempt using Country Bob’s Marinade, I chose sirloin pork steaks. I let them marinade for about 24 hours and then smoked them on my grill using hickory wood. This was the most tender and flavorful pork steak I’ve ever tasted. Not too sweet with just the right combination of spice to compliment the hickory smoke. Absolutely delicious!!

David A.


This is great on chicken! I marinate chicken breast and then grill it. So good!! We also only use Country Bob's sauce in our steaks!



The first time we had Country Bob’s Marinade was on pork steaks and it was amazing!


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