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Bacon Wrapped Chicago Style Hotdog

A Chicago style hotdog with a bacon twist. Pile this dog with all the veggies you want and serve with a side of tots!

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1 package of hotdogs

1 package of thin bacon

1 package of brioche hotdog buns

Country Bob’s seasoning salt

1 ear of corn cut off cob

1 jar of Trappeys hot peppers in vinegar

1 Roma tomato cut into wedges

1 dill pickle sliced thin

1 red onion diced

1 green onion finely chopped



Wrap one piece of bacon around each hotdog and sprinkle with Country Bob’s seasoning salt.

Cook bacon wrapped hotdogs on grill or flat top griddle until bacon is at desired doneness.

Place bacon wrapped hotdogs in brioche bun.

Top with wedged Roma tomatoes, corn, sliced pickles, diced red onion, Trappeys hot peppers,

chopped green onions and your favorite Country Bob’s sauce.

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