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Pretzel Bun Bratwurst

Enjoy this Oktoberfest-style meal any time of the year! A smoky bratwurst pairs perfectly with a salty pretzel bun. Top it with jalapenos and onions for that perfect tangy taste.

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1 package of your favorite bratwurst...

Jalapeño cheese, apple cinnamon, habanero mango, etc...

1 package pretzel sausage buns

1 cup of vinegar based coleslaw

1 mango cubed

1 cup of pickled jalapeños

1 green onion chopped

1 yellow onion sliced

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce



Cook bratwursts on medium heat grill or flat top griddle until seared and cooked

Sauté yellow onions in pan on grill or on flat top griddle

Place bratwursts in pretzel bun

Top brats with sautéed onions, coleslaw, pickled jalapeños, cubed mangos, chopped green

onions and Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce.

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