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Pulled Pork Egg Rolls

It’s like Chinese takeout with a Country Bob’s twist! Enjoy delicious egg rolls using leftover pulled pork!

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2 cups pulled pork

8 egg roll wrappers

1 green onion chopped

2 cups leftover chopped cabbage with onion, garlic and bacon already cooked and sautéed

½ cup of your favorite Country Bob’s BBQ sauce


Fill egg roll wrappers with pulled pork and cabbage filling and wrap tightly.

Fill skillet with enough oil to cover half the egg roll

Heat peanut oil or vegetable oil and fry egg rolls on each side until golden brown and place on tray with a paper towel to drain excess oil.

Cut egg rolls at an angle and arrange on platter or cutting board around a small bowl filled with your favorite Country Bob’s BBQ sauce.

Garnish with fresh chopped green onions

Dip and enjoy

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