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Smoked Pork Loin

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4 to 6 lbs Pork Loin

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce or Mustard

Your favorite rub(s)

Apple juice


  1. Wash your pork loin and pat it dry.

  2. Rub Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce or yellow mustard all over the loins.

  3. Apply a generous amount of your favorite rub.

  4. Preheat your Pellet grill or smoker to 225ºF.

  5. Place lions on the grate and smoke for about an hour.

  6. Spray them with apple juice.

  7. We are looking for an internal temp of 145ºF.

  8. Raise temp to 400ºF and finish them off or keep them at 225ºF until they reached desired internal temp.

  9. Wrap in foil and cover with a towel, let them rest for around 30 min.

  10. Slice about ¼" thick and serve.

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