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Ultimate Brisket

Let's get cookin' on Ultimate Brisket, a delicious cut of meat perfect for barbecuing. Check out our tips for smoking it to perfection!

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1 lb Brisket (per person)

Dry rub blend: kosher salt, coarse black pepper, and your favorite chili powder

0.25 cup Olive Oil (for pan)

Country Bob's Barbecue Sauce


  1. Set your smoker temperature to 200-225°

  2. Trim thick patches of fat and cut one corner across the grain to leave you a guide to slice when it's done (against the grain)

  3. Dry rub both sides with kosher salt, coarse ground black pepper and your favorite chili powder

  4. Smoke for 6-8 hours un-wrapped over a water pan (add 1/4 Olive oil to water in pan)

  5. Check internal meat temp (at this point it should read 140°-150°)

  6. Double wrap brisket in foil or peach butchers paper and put back on smoker

  7. Internal temp should rise 10° every hour, but check meat with probe in the same spots through top of foil until it reaches 190°-200°

  8. Brisket is done when probe goes in meat like going into soft butter (internal meat temperature is only a guide)

  9. Let rest for about an hour before slicing. Add your favorite Country Bob's Barbecue Sauce and enjoy!

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